About us

We are the world’s leading supplier of anti-odour systems. Our company has an innovative approach to solving the customers’ odour problems.

The main strengths of our group are a team of experienced specialists and impressive scientific and research facilities, including a unique database of odorous substances. This allows us to design formulations of neutralizing preparations that are precisely tailored to the needs of individual users. Extensive technical background is indispensable in our work, but the most important and a basic tool is chemical analysis of the composition of neutralized gases. It is the analysis that primarily helps us test the effectiveness of the offered products.

We cooperate with important research centres in Mulhouse, Lyon, Boston, and Warsaw.

Our laboratory performs thousands of tests and physicochemical analyses that result in the development of new advanced chemical materials capable of binding to odorous and toxic gases in a manner that is completely safe for humans and environmentally friendly.

Every year we introduce new reactive preparations and develop novel methods of their use. Our unique solutions are protected by patents worldwide. The exceptional and distinctive feature of our method is the neutralization of the molecules’ chemical activity and thus their odour properties. We can prove the effectiveness of our preparations and describe many of the chemical reactions that occur.

The technique we use can both replace and support other popular but often expensive deodorization methods. The neutralizers offered chemically neutralize hundreds of organic and inorganic fragrant substances, and they are combated using a variety of specialized products and methods.

The preparations are developed for numerous, unrelated industrial production sectors. The Westrand’s specialists can design neutralization methods even for very unusual cases, taking into account production conditions, company location, topography, and meteorological conditions.

Our company deals with the neutralization of volatile toxic compounds, which by the way lose their odour-active properties. We set standards and develop methods that guide other companies.

The deodorization systems offered are used in more than 25 countries worldwide – in Europe, the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Lebanon, Israel), Asia (Vietnam, Japan), and North America (Canada, USA).