Company history

WESTRAND was founded in 1993 in Altkirch, Alsace, France.  The company’s founder, Brice Kaszuk, recognized the potential of odour neutralizers that had not yet been widely known and decided to improve and distribute them, so more than 20 years ago, his company WESTRAND INTERNATIONAL S.A.S. developed and launched on the world market a series of special chemical reacting substances capable of binding a variety of odorous and irritating substances in a wide range of industrial and service sectors. The reacting substances used to date originate from the first series of patented chemical compounds developed with a research partner from Grasse, France. A complex combination of selected carbonyl compounds and several other patented substances constituted the basis of these reacting substances. At the time, it was a breakthrough because neutralizers were previously unknown and the industry applied odour-masking substances only.

For the second time, the company transformed the global deodorization market in 2013 with a game-changing solution in both effectiveness and method of use – it launched a new odour-combating method that accelerated the speed of chemical reactions and expanded the group of compounds entering the reactions. As a result, the amount of preparation used decreased, which in turn reduced the neutralization cost.