General description

There are two methods of combating odours:

  • neutralization of olfactory sensations (confusing the sense of smell with perfume preparations), i.e. masking unpleasant odours without neutralizing them, and
  • neutralization of odour-active chemical compounds. The second method is the most effective and safest method of dealing with the toxic properties of odours and this is the technique we use.

The exceptional and distinctive feature of our method is the chemical deactivation of the odorous and toxic properties of molecules. As a result of chemical reactions, all components of the fragrance bouquet are neutralized and new odour-inactive molecules are created. Our method involves the use of specific mixtures of carbonyl and other compounds that exhibit excellent neutralization properties.

The reaction products lose their odour properties or their odour is negligible and they are easily biodegradable. The products have been tested for effectiveness and are safe for humans and terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna. Neutralizing preparations are also environmentally friendly because they do not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so they do not have a negative effect on increasing the greenhouse effect.

Our unique solutions are protected by patents worldwide.