Dry method

Dry deodorization

The dry deodorization method is based on the use of special anhydrous preparations (insoluble in water), which in active gas form react with unpleasant odours neutralizing them. We are experts in the area of dry deodorization and our odour neutralization (not masking) methods are company know-how and patented.

Our new state-of-the-art preparation, the so-called VS index, binds faster and more unwanted particles that are permanently neutralized at significantly lower operating costs.

The technique is recommended for the neutralization of low-temperature gases or gases with high moisture content.


  • forms irreversible compounds with odours
  • safe for humans, animals as well as flora and fauna
  • wide range of application; binds a large group of sulphur and nitrogen compounds, and cyclic and chain hydrocarbons
  • competitively priced even in comparison to low-cost masking preparations
  • lower operating costs despite apparently more expensive preparation
  • highly concentrated preparations (3–4 times higher concentration than in the case of water emulsions)
  • high efficiency of binding harmful and odorous substances
  • high resistance to low temperatures (up to -20°C)


  • does not limit dustiness
  • does not lower the temperature